Three countries in three days (II) – The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg


At the time I saw that it was all covered with snow, I was the happiest person in the world.


It was the second day of the road trip and it was the day that we were going to visit Luxembourg, both the country and the city. After having a really good breakfast (that was included) and getting all the suitcases ready, we were ready to continue our road trip. The first stop in that country would be Vianden.

Along the road we had to stop few times to take some photos of those amazing landscapes. We also stopped to enjoy the snow because we didn’t know if there would be snow all the way long.


We crossed the border between Belgium and Luxembourg. A good thing about being in the European Union is that you never know when you have already passed a border.



We also stopped halfway at a viewpoint just because we thought there was an amazing view from there. One of the good things of traveling is that you can improvise and stop everywhere you want, just because you want to enjoy the views. Sometimes to get out of the way is a very good opportunity to discover new things.


The last stop before we reached Vianden was in a dam from where we could see Vianden Castle.




Vianden is a small village which is located in the eastern part of Luxembourg, so close to the German’s border. There are lots of tourists who like to visit this town because of its castle, which is so big and amazing.  Moreover, if you go to the highest point in the town, you can see amazing views from the castle and e valley near it.

We parked in a car park area two minutes from the castle’s entrance. The Castle was built between the 11th and 14th centuries and it was built on an old Roman fortress. If you want to know a bite more about the castle, you can also visit it from the inside. We didn’t go in, but it’s open all year except for the 2nd of November, the 25th of December and the 1st of January. The schedule always depends of the season and you can check it here. For the price of admission, it’s 6 € for adults and 4.5 € for students between 13 and 25 years. Here you have more information about the prices.

On the opposite side of the castle, there were some trails, so we guessed that one of them would climb up to a chairlift (out of service). We thought that maybe it could be a really nice view of all the valley from there. Of course, after a while going up the mountain we reached a place from where we could see a beautiful view.



On the right side we could see the valley and on the left side, Vianden’s Castle. All the way to there was hard (don’t worry, for most people this would be a relaxing walk), but it’s absolutely worth it. The views were extremely stunning.


We went back down because we wanted to visit the town. It was midday on Tuesday so everything was closed. Vianden is not a very big town, so we just walked down the main street (we guessed it was). Even if there aren’t many things to see, I recommend to walking a little through the village just to know how the towns in Luxembourg are.




We continued our road trip to Bourscheid, but we stopped a couple of times before we arrived there.  One of the times it was to see a buffalo’s farm. The other … well, the other was simply to record some videos in a place we thought that was nice.




Bourscheid’s Castle

When we reached Bourscheid’s Castle it started to rain so we had to wait in the car until the rain was over. So we got advantage of the weather and we had our sandwiches for lunch. We could park in a free car park just in front of the castle. As the sun came up again, we could see the castle even if it was still cold.

Bourscheid’s Castle is triangle shape but you can only see it from a bird’s eye.  The castle is located 150 meters above the Sauer River. It wasn’t closed but we didn’t go in because we didn’t have enough time to spend a few hours inside the castle. So we preferred to enjoy it from the outside and tried to find a nice place where we could see nice views.

Anyway, here you can find all the information about the castle. The ticket price would be 5€ for adults with audio guide and you can find all the other prices over here. And the visiting hours would be depend on the year’s season.

Before continuing our road trip to the last stop, Luxembourg City, we stopped one more time to enjoy the view of the castle from a little high.



Luxembourg City. Where to sleep?

After putting gas in the car, the first thing we did when we arrived to Luxembourg was going to McDonalds to steal some Wi-Fi connection. We wanted to contact with the family that we were going to stay that night with.

Luxembourg is a really expensive city in general, also the accommodation, so we decided to try Couchsurfing. Neither of us had used this kind of accommodation before and we wanted to take this opportunity to live a new experience and share local people’s home.

For those who don’t know what is Couchsurfing, it’s a website where people have a profile about themselves and their houses. Then they can accommodate other people for free or they can also stay in other people’s houses for free. The idea of Couchsurfing is to let other people sleep in your couch, but you can also find people who let you sleep in their kitchen or even they let you the entire house. Most of the people who use Couchsurfing want to know other cultures, share experiences with others and learn about other countries. Many people can show you around or they can just share some food or drinks with you.

Talking from my experience, we stayed with a couple (a German woman and a French man) who had a two-years-old child. When we arrived there they had cooked a typical Spanish omelette for the dinner and they invited us to some beers. Instead, we brought a bottle of wine and some chocolates to them to thank them to let us stay in their house. We all shared some experiences and we learned a lot about how things work in Luxembourg and why they decided to move there. The next day we had breakfast all together as they had prepared it for us. They were a really nice and friendly couple and it was a very good first experience using Couchsurfing.

Before meeting with them, we spend the afternoon visiting the city of Luxembourg. If you want to know what to see in this city, feel free to check my post about that.

 We had read some other blogs about the city before we went there, but we didn’t have any expectations about Luxembourg. That’s why I think we were quite surprised. Despite the fact that it wasn’t sunny and that at some point in the afternoon it started to rain, we found a truly beautiful city. It’s not usual to visit a city that seems to be placed on the edge of a cliff and where there are some bridges that takes you to the city center beyond a beautiful valley.

I think that Luxembourg is not a really tourist country, but if I were you and I had the chance to go there, I wouldn’t think twice. I would rent a car and to discover all the nice places that this country hides. The good thing about Luxembourg, both the city and the country, is that because it’s not a really tourist country, there are very few people visiting it. So you don’t have to wait to go into the main tourist attractions. We didn’t find many tourists and all the places were empty of people, but we went on February, so maybe it was because of that.

We didn’t have enough time to visit all the places that we would have wanted to see, but we still enjoyed this small country a lot.


Check how to save the map.


If you have any questions about the trip or you just want to share other nice places that we have to visit in Luxembourg, leave it in the comments.



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