Things you should know about Charleroi Airport

Brussels South Airport is located in Charleroi city, about 46km from Brussels. It’s considered the Brussels secondary airport, although it’s quite far from the city. Companies like Ryanair or Wizzair fly from there. You can find information about the flights and other services in this website.



How to get there?

  • By car

We spent about 2 hours to arrive from Luxembourg to Charleroi Airport.

From Brussels, you need approximately one hour to arrive there.

  • Shuttle buses

The company that operates in this airport is Shuttle bus and it has a variety of destinations. You can buy the tickets at the airport or train stations, but the cheapest way to buy your tickets will be in Internet.

If you travel from/to Brussels you can buy your tickets in this website. The bus leaves every 30 minutes from Brussels (the first bus is at 3:30am) and also from the airport (the first bus is at 7:30am).

A single ticket costs 17€ if you buy it at the bus (or at the airport) and 14€ if you do it online. But you can also find some offers from 5€ if you check it online early enough.

The journey takes about 45 minutes and the bus picks and drops you off at the Brussels South Railway “Gare du Midi

There are other destinations where you can go from/to Charleroi Airport. I leave you them and the prices in the box below (the prices are if you buy the tickets in the bus).


You can check all the schedules and destinations in this website. You can also find offers for the buses there from 5€, depending on how early you buy the tickets.

  • Train

If you decide to travel from/to the airport by train, you should know that, first, you will have to go to Charleroi city. It’s only possible to travel by train to Charleroi Airport from other Belgian cities.

Tickets can be purchased at the machines in the train stations and at the airport (machines next to door 2). You can pay both cash and credit card. ATTENTION: you will have to buy the ticket that includes the train to Charleroi city and the bus from there to the airport. It’s the bus A and it takes approximately 20 minutes to arrive to the airport. You can find all the information about train schedules on this website.


Wi-fi at the airport

There is free Wi-fi available in Charleroi Airport, but… WATCH OUT! You will have only free internet for 15 minutes.

You can have unlimited free Wi-fi if you want to see the Charleroi Airport website, the Shuttle buses website or other tourist information websites. But if you want to connect to other websites, then you will have only 15 minutes free internet. To get the Wi-fi you just have to connect by Facebook, Gmail or log-in as a new user. There is also the option of paying the Wi-fi.


I had to spend many hours waiting at the airport the day I flew to Dublin, so to have just 15 minutes of internet wouldn’t be enough. What does a girl do bored and without internet? Find ways to get internet. So here you have some tricks that I found to get more than 15 minutes of free internet.

  • Log-in for every social network you have. You will have 15 minutes of free Wi-fi for every time you connect with a different account. For example, you will have 15 minutes if you do it with Facebook, 15 more if you do it with Gmail and 15 more if you register on their website.
  • If you have more devices, not just the mobile phone, besides the mobile phone, use them. You can log in with the same account on different devices. So here are 45 minutes Internet.

With these two tricks you will have 90 minutes of internet, I think that’s enough if you have to spend a few hours at the airport with nothing to do. Although, you can also bring a good book to hang out.

I hope this information will be usefull for the next time you’ll fly from/to Charleroi Airport.




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