How to save my maps

As you have seen, I will add interactive maps to some of my posts. So you can better locate the important places and the places that I recommend you.

These maps are made with the Googlemaps option “My Maps” so you can see them just by clicking on the links, or you can also save the maps in your “My maps”. With this post I will show you how to do that.


STEP 1: Have a Gmail account

If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can’t add the map to your “My maps”, but you’ll be able to see it just by clicking on the map’s picture that appears at the end of some of my posts.

If you already have a Gmail account, you only have to log in as you normally do and then click on the map that appears at the end of some of my posts.

STEP 2: Copy the map

Once you have opened the map, this screen will appear on your screen computer (in the example you can see a map of Berlin):

captura 2


To save the map on your “My Maps”, you just have to click on the “three dots” that appear on the right side of the red zone. Then, a dropdown menu will open with several options. The option that you should choose is “Copy map.” In the picture below it says “Copiar mapa”.

captura 3


STEP 3: Save map

After you have selected the  “Copy map” option, you will see a new window that will give you different options. One of them will be “Accept” so you click there. You can also edit the map’s name. In the picture below the option is “Aceptar”, the blue one.

captura 4


After clicking “Accept” option, a new page will be opened. This will be the map that now is saved in your “My maps”. From there you can edit by adding or removing marked sites/ points of interest.

captura 5

If you want to know where the maps are saved, you just have to open Googlemaps as you normal do. Then you click to the menu that is located in the upper left side and there you will see “My Maps” option. In that folder you will find all the maps you have saved from my blog. You can also create more maps by yourself.

 I hope this post helps you.

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