The Basque Country coast in one day

Taking advantage from the visit to see my family and friends in Spain, I couldn’t do anything but spend a day visiting some villages along the Basque Country coast. My flight arrived at Bilbao Airport where my friend Ander would pick me up. We didn’t want to waste any time and started the route as soon as possible, because we had just one day and five places to visit.


First stop: San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

The landscape from there couldn’t be better. Gaztlugatxe is an island that is connected to the mainland by a two-arch bridge. You have to walk a path for half an hour to reach the chapel that is located at the top, and after climbing 231 step on stairs you’ll find it. The views from there were stunning. If you want to know more about that beautiful place just check the post: “San Juan de Gaztelugatxe route”.



Second stop: Bermeo

25 minutes’ driving from San Juan de Gaztelugatxe there is a village called Bermeo. We didn’t stop to visit the town because it was lunch time and we had already booked in a restaurant in Nabarniz (another town close by). Even so, it would be interesting to walk through the old town and the harbour. It seems that both places are very scenic because Bermeo is known for its fishing tradition.



Third stop: Nabarniz

Nabarniz is a very little village located in the area of Busturialdea. It was lunch time so we stopped to eat in a typical Basque farmhouse. The owners were a retired couple who looked after their granddaughter. We had already booked some days ago, in case it was going to be full. Because it was Wednesday we were alone at that place, so we were as if we were at home. This is the restaurant’s website.



Fourth stop: Elantxobe

The next town were we stopped was Elantxobe. It’s a very peculiar fishing village because it’s located on a hill that makes it a sloping town. Therefore, you can visit the town in two different ways: entering below, then you can find a small harbor, and entering above where you can see a small square and bow window next to it.

We had enough time to enjoy Elantxobe so we went to the harbor first. The views from there were beautiful. On one side you could see the town up there, and on the other side, the whole sea in front of you.


We also wanted to see the town from the very top, so we went there and something caught my attention. There was a roundabout placed in a quite small square. Because of that it’s very difficult for the vehicles to turn around, so they have placed a turntable. Then the buses and trucks can turn around without any problem.


Just next to the roundabout there is a viewpoint, from where you can see the harbor and the Cantabric sea.



Fifth stop: Hondarribia

Hondarribia is the last village in Spain before arriving to France. We arrived there just after sunset, so we saw the town at night. Despite that, we wanted to see Hondarribia so we went for a little walk.

We went to the old town, which is surrounded by a medieval wall, the only one in Guipuzcoa.  Saint Maria’s door is over there, and it’s guarded by a 2.5-meter woodcutter. After the big door, we walked through the Armas Square and Marina district, where all the bars and restaurants are located. The main street of the neighborhood is a pedestrian street and is surrounded by typical Basque houses, all painted in different colors. It was at night so we couldn’t appreciate it really well, even so we thought it was a very charming village.


We would have liked to go to other two places, that are highly recommended but we couldn’t. One of them is the viewpoint at Mount Jaizkibel, from where you can see Txingudi Bay, Hondarribia and Hendaya. The other place is Higher lighthouse it must be really nice to see the sunset from there.

If you want to know more about this beautiful town, here is the official website from the tourist office.


Sixth stop: Hendaya

It was the last stop in our day-tour. Hendaya is the first French town, just across the border. We didn’t stop to visit the city because we had been walking through Hondarribia, so it was very late and we wanted to rest.
Hendaya was where we had accommodation so, of course, it was a must stop. We rented a tiny apartment in a quiet area of the town, and we did it with Airbnb website. The price was about 50 €.  Although we only stayed one night, both the place and the owners were so nice. Here’s the link to the apartment, in case you want to take a look.

It was a really nice and amusing day. We enjoyed all the Basque coast landscapes and also the gastronomy a lot. We would have liked to stop at more places and enjoy a little bit more some of the places where we stopped, but it was impossible to do it in just one day.

That’s why I recommend you, that if you want to do this route or other similar, don’t do it as we did. Unless you have limited time and you want to see everything, in that case, this post shows you that it’s possible to do it. Otherwise, keep calm and relax, this villages and the nice places are not going to move out of place. So you can stop as long as you think it’s necessary and just enjoy them. Even if you stop in less place, it will still be worth it.


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Have you ever did a route through the Basque Country? Tell us where’ve you been and what did you like the most!!

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