The art of bargaining in 9 tips

Bargaining is a traditional feature of shopping. For some it could be an agony or overwhelming, and for others it could be just a game where the most persistent wins. If you want to bargain you don’t have to be an expert, but most people don’t know how to do it. Perhaps because they don’t like to lower the price because they feel sorry for the sellers, or because they just don’t like bargaining or they’ve never tried. Keep reading if you want to learn how to bargain or you want to improve your skills. I’m going to explain some tricks I use and some I’ve seen with other people in order for you to be the best in bargaining.

Trying to buy some bracelets for a good price. I didn’t get the price that I want and I went to another place.


Up until now I’ve been in three different countries where bargaining was the way to buy things: Tunisia, Thailand and Morocco. When I went to Tunisia I was just a child, so my father was the one who bargained all the time. But two years ago (2014) I went to Thailand and I wanted to know if I was going to be able to bargain. The point is that I didn’t do it so bad, quite the opposite. It was the first time I did that and I really liked it, that’s why, in January 2016, I went to Morocco and I repeated it.

You may not want to bargain because of laziness, fear or because you feel bad about the sellers, so I give you some tips and advice to get everything you want more easily.

  1. Don’t be afraid of lowering the price. They’re not going to sell you anything if they don’t earn money from it.
  2. If you don’t want to bargain, sometimes they get angry, because for them it is a way of selling and buying. So, they surely try to sell you the product more expensive than it is. Don’t be shy and go ahead!
  3. They may seem outraged, don’t worry they are used to bargaining. But if you really think that the price you told them is too low, then start raising the price gradually, but do not hesitate.
  4. The price that you have to ask for, is usually less than half of the price that they say.
  5. If you want to know how much the product really costs, try to decrease the price as much as you can in many different places, even if you’re not going to buy it. Then, you ensure that you’ll buy it for the real price or less, but never more.
  6. When you’re going to buy something and you’re not getting the price that you want, try it in other places. There are lots of places with the same things and you can see it as a game and try to get the price that you think it is worth.
  7. Do not hesitate. If they know that you’re not sure about the price or you don’t trust yourself, they will try to sell it more expensive than it is. They are really smart and they know how to bargain very well, even though at times it does not seem so. Never doubt, you always have the last word.

    Trying to buy two soaps for the price of one. We went because we weren’t getting it and after that they came to find us.

  8. Don’t give up. If you really want a thing and you don’t agree with the price they say, then go to another place. There are lots of places and I’m sure you’ll get what you want at the price you want. Remember, it’s like a game.
  9. Act like if you don’t care. If you’re not getting what you think is a reasonable price, then pretend you’re not so interested in the thing. If it’s still not working, then go away. 80% of the time they’ll come back to you and they’ll sell it for the price that you ask for. If this doesn’t happen, don’t worry, there are thousands of other places with the same things.

There are always limits and you should know how to bargain with respect. They are very used to this kind of shopping and I’m sure they’ll see lots of people doing it but, after all, it’s their job and they live from it. So please, always be respectful and reasonable.

Exception: There are some places like hotels and restaurants with a fixed price. In some of them you can try to bargain but in most of them it’s impossible to do that.


Feel free to write the tricks you use to bargain in the comments.

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