7 days budget for Morocco

The 14th of January 2016, Ander and I took a flight to Fez to spend the next 7 days in Morocco.

I’m going to explain to you how we organized our trip low cost to Morocco and all the steps we followed to spend as less as possible. You can do lots of thing in one week in Morocco, but I’ll show you the ones that we choose to spend one week with less than 300 euros.


THe idea

The idea of travelling together came up when we were having breakfast at an Ikea in Dublin, one month before starting this adventure. None of us had anything to do that January and everybody was busy working or studying, so there was no better time to spend a whole week in an unknown country.dsc_0589

We wanted to travel for one week, but we didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so we had to choose a really cheap country. With this in mind, we checked for cheap flights to any destination and we realized that the ones to Morocco were the cheapest ones.

Our idea was to travel as backpackers and organize the whole trip by ourselves. We spend one month thinking about the days that we were going to stay there, the route that we wanted to follow and the money that we wanted to spend. We read a lot about the country, the insurances, the people there, some recommendations and other things about Morocco. So we ended up knowing lots of interesting things before starting the trip.



We thought that if we wanted to make the most of our time, it would be better to fly from one city and come back from another. It would be impossible to visit all the cities and places in Morocco, so we had to decide which ones would be worth visiting in a seven-day trip. This is not a very big country but there are lots of nice places to visit and lots of routes that you can take, so we had to think really well about the places that we wanted to visit.

This was the route that we took during seven days in Morocco:

Fes: 2 days. I think that you only need one day and a half to see Fes, but we stayed there two days and we enjoyed it a lot and visited some places twice. If you want to feel the authenticity of Morocco, don’t hesitate to visit this city.

Marrakech: 3 days. I think two days are enough to visit all the city. We first stayed two days in Marrakech and then we went to the desert for two more days. When we came back, we stayed also 1 more day in Marrakech.

Trip to Zagora’s Desert: 2 days. We decided to go to Zagora because it was just two days it meant that we were going to stay one night sleeping in the desert. We decided not to go to Mezourga because it would take three days and two nights and we thought that we didn’t have enough time for that. When we came back to Marrakech, we realise that we would have had enough time to go to Mezourga but we wouldn’t have time to enjoy Marrakech as we did.



Budget (per person)

Our aim on this trip was to spend as little as possible. The first step to accomplish that was to make a budget to know how much money we were going to spend. This budget would include the food, the flights, the excursions, the accommodation etc. After many days thinking about the different ways that we had to spend a little, out budget was 280€. Not bad to spend a whole week traveling in another county.

Flights: 50€ (Barcelona – Fes 15,3€ + Marrakech – Girona 37,15€)

Accommodation: 10€ per day (It would be 5 nights, because one of them would be in a bus and the other in the desert)= 50€.

Excursion: 70€.

Bus Fes – Marrakech: 16€.

Insurance: 16,4€.

Souvenirs and other things: 25€

Our challenge for those days was to survive spending just the amount that we had already calculated in our budget (or less). We didn’t want to starve or sleep anywhere, so if we spend more than the budget said, it wouldn’t be a problem. But it’s always useful to know more or less how much the trip will cost.

what was our surprise when we came back?

We hadn’t spent more than what we had already calculated, but less. At the end of the trip we realized we had spent 275€, that mean 5€ less than what we had thought. We both were astonished because we had calculated the exact price, we couldn’t believe it. The thing is that we hadn’t have to sleep in a five-euro hostel and we ate everything we wanted, including all different kind on typical Moroccan food.

I learned a lot during the days that we were there, and I think that Morocco is a country that you must visit if you want to understand it. I, for my part, will return.

We also made a video with all the best moments in the trip.


You can check all those things you should know before you travel to Morocco in this post.

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  1. Traveler dijo:

    Que buen viaje! Fui hace un tiempo y hice un recorrido parecido al tuyo… Pero sin noche en el desierto…se me ha quedado pendiente! Aunque seguro que volvere. Yo a la gente que te lea les recomiendo Essaouira!( para 1 noche) A 1 horita de marrakech. Mas relajada… Sin los vendedores acosandote… Y si estas atento a la carretera puedes llevarte una foto de las cabras subidas a los arboles! Un saludo! 🙂

    • shortlifelongtrip dijo:

      Hola Traveler!
      Muchisimas gracias por la recomendación, cualquier opción es buena para hacer una ruta por Marruecos. La verdad es que nosotros estuvimos a punto de ir a Essaouria pero finalmente nos decantamos por la noche en el desierto, pero apuntada queda para la próxima escapada a Marruecos :D. Y el dato de los vendedores que te acosan… muy bueno saber donde van a intentar venderte algo y donde no.
      Gracias por pasarte por el blog!

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