15 ideas not to get bored in a long journey

If you love to travel, I’m sure you’ve had to take a flight, a train, a bus or any other transport.

The thing is that it’s not difficult to make the time goes fast, you only need a book (or an eBook) or to be a person who sleeps easily, so the time flies. But… what if you have to travel for more than four or five hours? Or what if you have to stopover for many hours?  Don’t worry about that, today you’ll get the answer.

Last week I had to take a five-hour flight, then stopover for eight hours (it ended up being fourteen hours) and take another plane for nine hours. It’s not so easy to survive the boredom for such a long time, but I had enough time to do some of the things I’ll show you now. Moreover, I could write this post.

Here there are 15 ideas not to get bored in a long journey.



Time flies if you read while you’re waiting. You only have to find a comfortable and noiseless place at the airport (train/bus station) and read a book. If you’re going to read in the plane/train/bus, you may end up sleeping (it always happens to me)

I recommend you to get an eBook, in this case it’s so useful because you don’t have to carry lots of books. It’s small and light and you have all the books in one. My e-book is Kindle and it works really well. But if you’re those ones who like to have a normal book, you can bring a book, it’s also a good option.

My traveller reader kit for Malysia.



I’m going to make two different groups of people.

– Those who can’t sleep even if they take sleeping pills.

– Those who get sleep even before the plane takes off (I’m in this group)

It doesn’t mind which kind of people you are, I recommend you to bring the traveller main kit with you: a sleep mask and ear plugs. But you actually have to be careful not to skip the bus or train stop.

A fourteen hours stopover in Jordan. I’d been brought to a hotel.



It may sounds strange but the truth is that it’s a good way to spend the time. It’s so easy to do if you’re stopping over: you can walk around the airport, go into the shops and restaurants and watch the people over there (not in a strange way). You’ll find everything at the airport.

On the other hand, if you’re in a plane, train or bus, it will be also good to walk around. I recommend you to do it, so you can stretch your legs.



Another easy option is listening to music. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have a music player and headphones, sometimes the company provides you with headphones. Sometimes even they could have available music for you.

This way you can end up sleeping again.



This option is not suitable for everybody. It’s not because you can’t do it (actually, I recommend you to do it), but because not everybody knows how to do it. So, if you’re one of those who likes to have time for you and don’t think about anything, do it. Meditate it’s very good for these long journeys.

I recommend you to use the travel kit from the idea number 2. The ear plugs are a good option.

That’s me pretending I’m meditating. Actually, I did it but not in this photo.



This is the best idea ever. It saved me not to die because of boredom. Sometimes in the planes, in the train and in the bus there are screens with different movies or series and you can choose by yourself. (In Spain there are screens in Alsa (bus), AVE (train) and the long way planes).

You don’t have an excuse not so watch that movie you wanted to watch for a long time.



It’s a funny way to spend your time if you’re travelling with family or friends, but it’s also ok if you’re travelling alone. There are many games you can play, here you have some ideas (of course there are thousands of them):

Guess. This is an entertaining game. You have to guess people’s life depending on the clothes they are wearing, the suitcases they have, and the people with who they are or what are doing. You can make a very funny story about one person. Where is he/she from, where is he/she going to and where is he/she coming from?

Cards. There are many different games to play with cards: for a group of people or for a single person. A deck of cards is so small and you can always bring one with you.

Pastimes. I don’t know if this is a game but it’s another way to be entertained. There are these small books full of Sudoku, crosswords, etc.



You’re travelling and that means that it’s the perfect moment to discover beautiful places and behold the scenery. You can see an amazing landscape from the window (it doesn’t matter if it’s from the plane, train or bus).

Jordan from the air.



If you didn’t have time to prepare everything for your trip, you should do it now! You may make a list of all the things you have to do once you arrive to your destination. Another option will be to make a list of all the things you want to visit once there.



You can use your time working on something you should have done, as a report, an article, some homework, or just study for that exam you have. In my case, I worked on the post.



Are you one of those who like to spend lot of time with the social media? Don’t worry, you won’t be wasting your time if you’re in a stopover or so. Time flies when you check Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you’ve enough Wi-Fi or data, YouTube will be a great friend.


12. EAT

It may sound a bit stupid to say that you have to eat, but it’s important if you don’t want to die (just kidding). You can eat with calm all those great meals from the planes.

Yumy breakfast


Yumy lunch



This is only possible if you’re stopping over for many hours. You can go out from the airport and do some sightseeing in the nearest city. Be careful if your stop over is in a country where you need visa, it could be more difficult to visit it. Sometimes it’s worth it but if you have to pay a lot only for few hours, don’t do it.



I think it’s always a good idea to talk with other people, it will be always more amusing. You can chat with the person on your side. Just ask him/her what is he/she is doing there, or offer some food (it always work).


Sometimes it’s good to stay quiet, thinking on your own things and doing nothing, just the time passing by.

I hope you got some ideas for those long and boring journeys and stop overs. Although it’s always better to go with someone else, so you can talk and do all this things with someone.


Now it’s your turn! What are the things you do not to get bored in those long journeys?

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