10 Irish landscapes you won’t find in a travel guide

Ireland is an amazing country with stunning places. You must visit this country from the north to the south and from the east to the west. Only then shall you be able to say that you’ve visited Ireland. There are incredible sites, such as endless beaches, spectacular cliffs, lakes, forests and hills as if it was a movie.

I’m not lying when I say that it’s like in a movie, because many famous series and films have been filmed in Ireland. Such as Game of Thrones, Braveheart, Saving Private Ryan, Harry Potter (some scenes), The Tudors, PS: I love you and In the Name of the Father. As you can see, there are many directors who choose the Irish landscapes for their movies and series.

I’m going to show you some of the most amazing places I’ve ever seen. But I want to show you the ones that aren’t in the “Top 10 places to visit in Ireland” list. Actually, some of them are, but there are too many beautiful places, including the ones that are in the guides. There’s a map at the end of this post with all the exact places, so you can easily find them.


1. Malin’s Head

If I had to choose a place, I would choose, without question, this amazing area in the north of Ireland. It’s not a very famous place, that’s why not many people are going there, and it’s one of the reasons why I loved this place. You can reach the northern point in Ireland following a path along the coast.

ADVISE: There is a trail that leads there leaving from Ballyhillin (before Banba’s Crown). In the middle of the way there’s a sign and it seems that the path is over, but I recommend you to keep going, the views are worth it.

ATTENTION: Be careful with the wind and the cliffs, they may be dangerous.


2. Gap of Dunloe

At the other end of the island there’s a narrow mountain pass made by a glacier million years ago. This amazing place is very close to Killarney (a must stop in the Ring of Kerry’s route). There’s a road that crosses the Gap of Dunloe, so it’s so easy to reach and you can do the route both, from the north or from the south.

TIP: You can pull over to the side of the road and walk along the road. You can take great photos and the views are beautiful. Despite the weather, I thought it was a beautiful place, I can’t imagine how it is when it’s sunny.


3. Carrauntoohill

Some kilometres south-west from the Gap of Dunloe there is a 1.083 meters high mountain,  the highest mountain in Ireland. The really good thing about this place is to follow the path to the peak. It’s a very easy and uncomplicated route, unless it has been raining the week before. Then you have to be prepared with rain boots. We couldn’t reach the top of the mountain but the views from there were stunning, as was the way there.


4. Down Hill

This place is a beautiful 11km long beach, that belongs to County Londonderry. This is one of the places where Game of Thrones was filmed. You can go inside the beach with the car and enjoy the views from below or you can go above where Mussenden temple is.


5. Cliffs of Moher

You may know Ireland is known because of its cliffs, and this’s the most famous one in the whole island. You can find this place in every single Top list or guide, but everybody who’s been there will recommend it to you because is worthwhile. Because it’s a very touristic place, you must pay for a ticket which costs 6€. The good news is that you can stay there as much as you want. ADVISE: I recommend you to walk along the path that goes from one side to the opposite one.

6. Wicklow (Glendalough)

Few kilometers to the south of Dublin there are the Wicklow Mountains, a very big national park. In the southern part there is Glendalough, a monastery created in the fourth century by Saint. Kevin. There’s a route that brings you to two beautiful lakes, first Lower Lake, and then Upper Lake.  When you reach the second one, you can also see a waterfall on the left hand (well, you’ll have to walk a little more). The route continues all around the Upper Lake, for those who have more time, and want to walk a bit more.

ADVISE: it’s possible to park the car in the parking next to Upper Lake, but I recommend you to leave it in Glendalough and start the route from there. It’s a longer way, but you can see everything better.


7. Giant’s Causeway Route

I was not going to add this place to the list, because the day we went (and I guess this always happens) it was so crowded, but I think this is a unique place you must visit. So I’m going to explain you a very nice route to reach the Giant’s Causeway for you to enjoy also the way until there. There are many routes that you can take to this special place, one of them starts from Portballintrae, a small village a little further south. You can park the car over there and go where the rail tracks are (small ones), then you have to go to the north. Once you’ll pass the beach that is on your left hand, you have to take the path that is in the same direction. This route will bring you through beautiful landscapes and you’ll see lots of amazing cliffs.


8. Ring of Kerry’s viewpoint

This is a 170 km long circular route in the southern part of Ireland. There’re lot of incredible spots in Ring of Kerry, but the one that I liked the most is not a touristic place. It is a viewpoint in the middle of the road, 550 meters before the Ring of Kerry Lookout and Car Park point, just at the left side. From there you can see the Atlantic Ocean and a bunch of small islands from the irish coast. We had very bad weather, so I couldn’t take good photos, but it was a beautifull place even for the rain. Here you can see a picture from googlemaps.



9. Bothar nA hAillite

This not well-known place but it is still beautiful, it’s half an hour to the north from the Cliffs of Moher. I don’t know the name in English (I guess that one is in Irish), but you can find the exact point at the map below. It’s a place full of rocks, small cliffs and cracks made by water erosion. I went there with an organized tour from Dublin, so it was a bit crowded, also because I think that lot of tour operators bring people there. Apart from that, I think it is a beautiful and quiet place. WARNING: ¡Be careful with the holes in the rocks! If you go by car, there’s a kind of parking where you can park the car for free.


10. Bray

Few kilometers to the south of Dublin there is this nice town called Bray, and it’s very easy and cheap to go there by train. It’s a nice fishing village that has a route where you can walk to the top and see a bit of the eastern coast. This path goes along the cliffs climbing up to the top of the small mountain, where you can see a big white cross called Bray Head Cross.


As you can see, there are a lot of stunning places in Ireland. Some of them are very famous, others not really and others are willing to be discovered. So I encourage you all to visit this beautiful island, rent a car and do a road trip, try to find these amazing places and discover many others. I promise it will surprise you.

Feel free to tell us in the comments which ones do you think are the most beautiful places in Ireland.


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